Our research in microfluidics aims at developing lab-on-a-chips, i.e. performing chemical or biological processing at small-scale. Our activity is organised around the miniaturization of physico-chemical unit operations, such as liquid/liquid separation by membrane pervaporation, continuous flow crystallisation and bubble dissolution in bubbly flow regime. Integrating one or several of these unit operations should lead to innovative and competing lab-on-a-chip devices for the fields of fine chemistry, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

Bubbles and droplets are elementary components in microfluidics and deserved a special attention as they are widely used in two-phase microfluidic applications. Therefore, modelling and predicting their dynamics in microchannels is of utmost importance. We therefore investigate on the one hand the dynamics of confined (Taylor) bubbles, and especially the influence of buoyancy and dewetting on the lubrication film. And on the other hand, we study the dynamics of unconfined bubbles in microchannels, paying a special attention to the inertial and capillary migration forces, as well as to the role of surfactants.

Applications to life sciences are also investigated such as cell/cell adhesion in micro channels, micro beads fabrication for protein purification, micro encapsulation of proteins or single-bacterium analysis and sorting.

Contact: Benoit Scheid (bscheid@ulb.ac.be)


Selected publications

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  • PhD Thesis / Postdoc of Omer Atasi

    Influence of surfactants on the dynamics of an unconfined bubble in a microchannel and development of methods for the characterization of the liquid film separating a confined bubble from the channel wall. PI : Benoit Haut and Benoit Scheid

    Funded the FNRS
  • PhD Thesis of Robin Debuysschère

    Development of new strategies for the continuous crystallization of active pharmaceutical ingredients. PI : Benoit Scheid

    Funded by the FNRS
  • PICABO project

    Development of a medical device to improve the safety of blood transfusion. PI : Benoit Scheid

    Funded by the Walloon Region (MecaTech)
  • CARMAPHARM project

    CARbon based MAtrix for PHARMaceutical purpose. PI : Benoit Scheid

    Funded by the Walloon Region (MecaTech)
  • First Entreprise project

    Optimization of the design of a microfluidic chip for the production of adjuvant. PI : Benoit Scheid

    Funded by the Walloon Region (First Entreprise)

    Particle dynamics and sorting in microchannels. PI : Benoit Scheid

    Funded by ULB
  • PhD Thesis of Fabio Pino

    Feedback Control of Liquid Metal Coatings. PI : Benoit Scheid

    Funded the FNRS
  • Antibubbles

    PI : Benoit Scheid

    Funded by ULB