Gas-liquid transfers


In our research work in the field of gas-liquid transfers, we are interested in different scales in a gas-liquid contactor: the scale of the gas-liquid interface, the scale of the inclusion (bubble or drop) and the scale of the device.

At the scale of the interface, our objective is to highlight and characterize the complex coupling that can exist between diffusion, convection and chemical reactions, during the absorption of CO2 in a liquid. We combine an experimental approach, based on interferometry, and theoretical (stability analysis) and numerical approaches.

At the scale of the inclusion, we aim to describe the transport phenomena (mass and momentum) taking place inside and around a bubble/drop within a gas-liquid contactor. By combining theoretical (balance equations, stability analysis, asymptotic techniques...), numerical (commercial codes, “home-made” codes) and experimental tools (essentially implementing optical diagnostic techniques: shadowing or interferometry), we can obtain original results, related for example to the dynamics of bubbles in microchannels (paying a special attention to the inertial and capillary migration forces, as well as to the role of surfactants.), the dynamics and morphology of unconfined ellipsoidal bubbles or the coupling between flow, bubble-liquid or gas-droplet mass transfer and chemical reaction.

At the scale of the device, our goal is to integrate the results obtained at the scale of the gas-liquid interface into classical chemical engineering approaches, in order to contribute to the optimization or the design of different kind of processes. For instance, we are interested in the ozonisation process or in the development of systems for the capture of volatile organic compounds in communities rooms (classroom, nursery...). A large part of our research is also devoted to CO2 capture, based on absorption in amine solutions or on the formation of CO2 hydrates, or to the developement of bubbles microabsorbers, in the frame of the development of fine chemicals production processes. For instance, such microabsorbers could be used in the production of high-grade hydrogen peroxide (which is highly explosive).

Finally, we recently started a new research project in the field of biomimicry. The first objective of this project is to identify and characterize structures in the plant world optimized for the exchange of matter with their environment. In a second step, our objective is to analyze whether these structures can be integrated into industrial applications, in order to increase the efficiency of gas-liquid transfer operations.

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Selected publications

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  • PhD Thesis / Postdoc of Omer Atasi

    Influence of surfactants on the dynamics of an unconfined bubble in a microchannel and development of methods for the characterization of the liquid film separating a confined bubble from the channel wall. PI : Benoit Haut and Benoit Scheid

    Funded the FNRS

    Development of systems for the capture of volatile organic compounds in communities rooms (classroom, nursery...). PI : Frédéric Debaste and Benoit Haut

    Funded by INNOVIRIS