Teaching activities

The TIPs laboratory is involved in the bachelor and master programs of the École interfacultaire de Bioingénieurs and of the École polytechnique de Bruxelles, both at the Université libre de Bruxelles. We are in charge of numerous courses in various fields, such as general chemistry, analytical mechanics, transport phenomena, process engineering, modeling ... The complete list of our courses is given below.


Bachelor courses

General chemistry and introduction to process engineering (CHIM-H-1001, Partim 2 ECTS), Philippe Bogaerts and Benoit Haut. Course material

Physical chemistry, material science and fabrication (CHIM-H-2001, Partim 2 ECTS), Frédéric Debaste, Stéphane Godet and Patrick Hendrick.

Analytical mechanics 2 (MECA-H-200), Pierre Lambert.

Introduction to process engineering (CHIM-H-314), Benoit Haut. Course material

Fluid mechanics and transfer processes (MECA-H-3001, Partim 2 ECTS), Frédéric Debaste and Alessandro Parente.


Master courses


Reactor Engineering (CHIM-H-413), Frédéric Debaste.

Unit operations for the environment and bio-industries (BING-H-4003), Frédéric Debaste, Benoit Haut and Benoit Scheid. Course material

Biomedical engineering

Lab on chip for biomedical applications (MEDI-H-507, Partim 2 ECTS), Gert Desmet and Benoit Scheid. Course material

Fluid mechanics of the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. From physiology to applications (MEDI-H-508), Gérard Degrez and Benoit Haut.

Microfabrication processes (MECA-H-500), Pierre Lambert.

Microtechnical components (MECA-H-501), Pierre Lambert.

Chemistry and material science engineering

Parameter estimation and modeling (CHIM-H-401, Partim 2 ECTS), Philippe Bogaerts and Benoit Scheid. Course material

Modeling and design of multiphase systems and reactors (CHIM-H-402, Partim 2 ECTS), Pierre Colinet and Gert Desmet.

Simulation and design tools (CHIM-H-514), Frédéric Debaste.

Design of chemical plants (CHIM-H-531), Frédéric Debaste.

Industrial techniques for water management (CHIM-H-528), Benoit Haut.

(Bio)Chemical process design and control (CHIM-H-530, Partim 2 ECTS), Philippe Bogaerts and Benoit Haut. Course material